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Blacker than Black

PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC FRIDAY’S TAIL BLACKER THAN BLACK   We are not naïve enough to ask for pure man; we ask merely for men whose impurity does not conflict with the obligations of their job. Jean Rostand French … Continue reading

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Can Parasites Living in the Human Body Induce Psychopathic Behaviors?

Author’s interpretation FRIDAY’S TAIL PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC       E coli bacteria: common in humans. Photo from Wikipedia THE THIRD PRINCIPLE OF PSYCHOPATHY: PARASITISM Genes and the environment, the first two factors of reproduction, clearly impact psychopathic … Continue reading

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Psychopaths Rising: Unholy Links to Civilization and Destruction

                  Thomas Cole: Destruction: The end of the Apocalypse                                                                                                                                   AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC This forthcoming book is dedicated to the strivers and achievers for individual responsibility and a just life. A general … Continue reading

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Virus and Bateria Can Build the Perfect Psychopath

                Blue Female Chow Chow: Early Dog Form                                                                      AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC   RABIES MAY TURN A SAINT INTO A SINNER           A colleague of mine, Robert Sapolsky, a professor of biological sciences at … Continue reading

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