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Do Cats Cause Human Psychopathy?

  Agave Publishers Logo        AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC     In my last blog I outlined how microorganisms invade host species to modify the host’s behaviors for their own reproductive benefits. I suggested that the host may become psychopathic in its … Continue reading

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Virus and Bateria Can Build the Perfect Psychopath

                Blue Female Chow Chow: Early Dog Form                                                                      AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC   RABIES MAY TURN A SAINT INTO A SINNER           A colleague of mine, Robert Sapolsky, a professor of biological sciences at … Continue reading

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The Final Theory of Psychopathy

Illustration based on Robert Hare’s Psychopathic Checklist   AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC           There are many possibilities for understanding abnormal disorders – as with psychopaths and other folks we know, but the distinguishing features of conduct disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), … Continue reading

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Be a Better Dyslexic: 4

        AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC A MATTER OF DEFINITION Within the past few days the board of trustees for the American Psychiatric Association will publish the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. There … Continue reading

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