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Bad News Travels Fast and Far; Good News is No News

  Published by Agave Publishers LLC      Rui Fan and his colleagues at Beihang University in China have found that tweets expressing anger spread through social networks faster and more widely than those that express more positive emotions, such … Continue reading

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Sun Tzu and the Success of Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong)

AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC     Sun Tzu, sometimes known as Sun Wu, was an ancient military theorist; it is believed that he wrote the little book, The Art of War. Sometimes flowery and contemplative, and always practical, it was violent … Continue reading

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Amber Male Alert: Your Penis May be Disappearing

According to a letter by PETA to Drew Cerza of the National Buffalo Wing Festival, babies born of females who consume chicken while pregnant give birth to males who have smaller penises because of the chemical phthalate in chicken ( … Continue reading

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