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Does Violence Spread and Die Like a Disease?

Gary Slutkin, M.D., Epidemiologist PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC My usual pessimism was punctured when I watched Gary Slutkin M.D. on TED ( discuss new strategies for stopping gun attacks on the streets of America.  Slutkin believes that we have … Continue reading

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Why Evolution Treats Peace Unkindly

EDITED FOR AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC Yukio Mishima: By day, writer on peace; By night, Samuari for war     War is hell, but it is also power in action. War is the base on which empires are built and how … Continue reading

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Violence May be Necessary

PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHER LLC           Twenty-four years ago 20 prominent scholars came together in Seville, Spain, with UNESCO support to condemn notions that human violence and aggression are biologically driven behaviors, acknowledging, instead, that the major aspects of violence … Continue reading

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Keeping the Lid on Violence

By Agave Publishers LLC OPINION We seem to have little time to deal with multiple crises that envelope us. Some of the motivation that drives us is tied to a recent explosive and sudden growth of the most disruptive force … Continue reading

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