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Beauty: Increases in Craving

PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC         FRIDAY’S SCREAM  PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC The Comment: No, imbeciles!  Not fools and cretins that you are, a book will not make a plate of soup; a novel is not a pair of boots; … Continue reading

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The Unbalanced View Gives Us the Greater Pleasure

Published by Agave Publishers LLC The prize-winning Bach pianist Simone Dinnerstein was interviewed by Barrymore Lawrence Scherer for The Wall Street Journal (March 16, 2011). She spoke of her attraction to art and music, saying:   Simone Dinnerstein Strangeness in … Continue reading

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Should we Hide the Word Psychopath to Protect the Sensitive?

PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LL This blog gives some detail about investigators who have submerged the definition of psychopathic behaviors in a broader category. In my opinion the approach is to disguise the specific characteristics of psychopaths; it is less … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall: I’m the Fairest of them All

Machiavellian personalities drive our society in their direction, but also drive our society bonkers. Painting reproduced from Wickipedia. PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC The driving force of a Machiavellian personality is a self-delusional grandiose image of oneself. Israeli Psychologist Dr. … Continue reading

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