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The Good, the Better, the Beautiful: Corporate Benefits

  Evil and Good PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC       Friday’s Tail  Dispite the Enrons, MF Globals, Madoffs, and corruption embedded in layers of government, the psychopaths do not always win; they are, indeed, in the minority. THE … Continue reading

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The End for Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme

    Good ‘ol Uncle Bernie Madoff Friday’s Tail  PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC Beware of good tidings. THE PONZI SCHEME OF BERNIE MADOFF             There was not enough money to go around, so the power investor Bernie Madoff took … Continue reading

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Howard Hughes Goes Rocket

The Great Manipulator PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC FRIDAY’S TAIL Ya’ got a be sympathetic. I am impressed with Howard Hughes who understood how to balance personal interests with community service. His philanthropic interests benefited thousands. In 1953 Hughes launched … Continue reading

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