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The Psychological World Of Billiards


Author: Del Wolf Thiessen, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, University Of Texas

 Ultimately success depends upon attending to goals and letting the unconscious handle the “means to the end.” Often the more one tries to analyze each component of shooting (and there must be hundreds) the less likely that success will follow.

The brain is an amazing instrument with capabilities far beyond our understanding. Someday we may be able to decipher its functioning. In the meantime we should not belittle its ability to handle information on a variety of levels, including that level that allows complex skills to express themselves with perfect execution It really does not matter if Zen Buddhism, classical yoga, TM, psychocybernetics, brain wave conditioning, activation of the right hemisphere, is used successfully; they all can contribute to your search for truth. Look for portals to the universal qualities of the mind. They all resolve down to the fundamental concept that we are equipped with brain mechanisms that deal with problems independently of conscious thought. Each person must find his or her own door to the unknown, and do it in his or her way. Whatever the path we take, the exploration of that vast unknown will open new ways and make us better folks.

In the meanwhile, I wish you well and can give you the best possible advice for a perfect game of billiards: learn the rudiments of force and geometry and shoot with a blank mind.

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