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MIND OVER BILLIARDS is one of the first trade publications of Dr. Thiessen, and perhaps his favorite. The focus is on “straight pool,” the universal pocket pool strategy and the foundation for understanding every aspect of pocket billiards. Almost all nine-ball professionals, for example, began their careers learning straight pool. It is a game of high-strategy and great beauty, and is of unmatched importance for learning how to control the mind and move toward that elusive perfect game.

The justification for including Mind Over Billiards on a website dealing with The Dark Side of the Brain is that here we have a game that has attracted the widest range of interesting characters. These people sharpened my thinking about the perceptual and cognitive aspects of the game, and they also showed me the strange and wonderful mental deviations that are found hovering around the billiard tables all over the world. In brief, the book is a reflection of the fascinating qualities – good and bad – that express themselves in the artistic activity of mastering mental problems. It can also help the reader understand both the game of pocket billiards and the mental qualities that add or subtract from it mastery.

MIND OVER BILLIARDS capitalizes on the critical psychological principles of winning performance. Many of these principles have never before, or never since, been given their due. They are markers of great achievement in the world-microcosm of pocket billiards, and help preset the brain for optimal performance in everyday life.

The little book of 71 pages is loaded with psychological strategies that will give you increased insight into the art of winning. Included are:

  • The development of personal style.
  • Cue ball and cue stick performance
  • New methods in learning billiards and how to record your personal progress.
  • Recognizing advantages on the table.
  • Shooting on the right side of the brain.
  • A new look at psychocybernetics.
  • Approaching the 100-ball run
  • The Zen approach to mental control.
  • Building unconscious reaction patterns.
  • Finding key factors that drive cluster-successes.
  • Practicing the basics that give you the greatest pleasure.

Six thousands of copies of  MIND OVER BILLIARDS were sold the first year of publication.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, please call Dr. Thiessen at 512-461-2385.

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