Overview: The Devil’s Song

The Devil’s Song

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Fiction Category: Psychological Thriller

            In all of history no human, man or woman, has reversed the course of aging to become young again. It seems like a dream, for the reaper cuts us all down, regardless of good deeds, money, or sorrow.

 Now biologists and geneticists see a future that goes beyond the walls of pessimism, believing that through genetic and physiological engineering we can capture eternal youth. It is more than just a dream. Science is moving closer to ending aging and may, within a few years, actually reverse the process.

No one has calculated the consequences should science succeed. What would it mean for a person to become younger, rather than older? What would happen to his or her sense of morality? Would the concepts of soul and redemption be splintered with the ax of youth and vitality? Would we lose our ambition, our love for children, our existential fear of the future, and our sense of humanity? What would we be like? What would society be like?

This novel explores what might happen if science takes the ultimate step into eternal life, and what it could mean for you and me.

Our story revolves around an old retired biologist, Mark Forrester, who listens to his colleagues speculate on possibilities for life extension and the reversal of aging. For him, though, it seems too late with too little, and in any case a hopeless task.

Yet, in a web of dark circumstances Mark agrees to work on age reversal with a molecular biologist, Conrad Heatherton, a former student of his. After two years of effort, their hopes are realized when they find that developmental genes (hox genes) can be reactivated in old animals to initiate new tissue development and an actual reversal of aging.

Mark becomes the first human to go backward in time. He becomes younger, but because of Conrad’s sinister silence about the molecular risks involved, Mark is not prepared for the striking developments that follow. His sense of morality dissipates as his experienced brain is replaced with new and indifferent tissue. Memories of past events and relations fade as he progresses through a series of rebirths. His most terrible change occurs as he becomes super-sensitive to the signs of aging in others. He can visualize their horrible ends, but cannot overcome his own sense of revulsion. He says of his shoemaker, Mort, “Go, go, go into the grave, and never reappear. There is not enough dirt to cover your rotting body.” Mark may have made a bargain with the Devil when he agreed to the experiment, and now he’s paying the Devil’s price.

What began as defiance against death and the gods becomes a fight between good and evil. Mark knows that his values have been ravaged; yet deep within his body he feels the small seed of humanity that tries to take root and push toward the light. With his dog Mike and the lingering memory of his dead daughter, Melissa, Mark fights against the selfish wishes of his colleague Conrad, the many who want to follow his path, and the darkness within himself.

Could it happen to me? Could it happen to you?

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