Overview: Survival of the Fittest

The Darwinian Diet and Exercise Program
Length: 176 pages (soft cover)







            Surprisingly, the key to maximum physical and psychological fitness is in applying the ancient knowledge of our Stone-Age relatives to our everyday life. Survival of the Fittest probes the natural wisdom of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, combining their knowledge of survival with today’s advances in nutrition and bodybuilding. The outcome is a revolutionary diet and exercise program that will maximize your health and fitness, increase your appeal to the other sex, and extend your life span.

In a more profound way, Survival of the Fittest shows you how to reduce the mismatch between the complex world of technology and our natural origins, offering you a strong and practical connection to your evolutionary past.


The past explains the present. We evolved to meet the contingencies of the African savanna, not the contingencies of Wall Street or the world of computers and cellular phones. The culture we live in is obviously complicated, but we can approach it with strategies that were evolved for other times and other things. Our genetic and behavioral qualities fit an environment that existed hundreds of thousands of years ago, not necessarily the environment of today.

The more we learn about our evolution the more efficiently we can adjust to the technological world we find ourselves in. We must first find out how conditions today are different from those of yesteryear. Knowing what the mismatch is allows a more rational approach to our current culture. The long view of evolutionary history is the answer to the present and the future.

The Darwinian Diet and Exercise Program could be called pragmatic mismatch strategy, in that it recognizes the disparities in diet and exercise between our evolutionary beginnings and our present habits of eating and exercise. The mismatch is the degree that we have strayed from the beneficial behaviors that permitted us to survive and reproduce.

We have attempted to assess what foods and activities led to our evolutionary success, and tried to close the gap between then and now. As the gap narrows individual health and vigor increases. With the addition of today’s knowledge on physical health and nutrition we can reach new heights of achievement.

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