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Study of Simplicity and Beauty

Cactus Flower, Night Blossom We move in wonder and contemplation, often far from the concept of usefulness. When we see natural beauty there may be truth and greater understanding. Art is the timeless effort to understand ourselves and the world … Continue reading

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Shuddering Before the Deviant Mind

SHUDDERING  BEFORE THE DEVIANT MIND PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHING Author’s Interpretation                                           FRIDAY’S TAIL  There is stunning beauty in individual creation and discovery of nature’s depth and laws. It appears as a new birth. Beauty shines especially when the unexpected … Continue reading

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Fate, Beauty, and Untimely Death

Fate, Beauty, and Untimely Death                                                                       FRIDAY’S TAIL Author’s interpretation PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC                          The hormonal and behavioral bases of sensation seekers and non-sensation seekers seem uniquely structured, as are their philosophies. About 50 to 60 percent of the … Continue reading

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Beauty: Increases in Craving

PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC         FRIDAY’S SCREAM  PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC The Comment: No, imbeciles!  Not fools and cretins that you are, a book will not make a plate of soup; a novel is not a pair of boots; … Continue reading

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The Unbalanced View Gives Us the Greater Pleasure

Published by Agave Publishers LLC The prize-winning Bach pianist Simone Dinnerstein was interviewed by Barrymore Lawrence Scherer for The Wall Street Journal (March 16, 2011). She spoke of her attraction to art and music, saying:   Simone Dinnerstein Strangeness in … Continue reading

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Rapture of the Sensation Seeker

Agave Publishers What we know is this. Sameness is shunned by both the sensation seeker and the Machiavellian personality, but beauty, especially beauty with an exotic caress – a blemish, a different style, with words unusual and a fire of … Continue reading

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Music, Art, and Peak Pleasure

Agave Publishers Sensation seeking takes many forms, but while observably different among individuals, the emotional reaction to induced sensations has common physiological features and similar cognitive effects, the major problem we work with here. One person may approach a “mental … Continue reading

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