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THE UNREPORTED ASSOCIATION The greatest Western painters growing out of the Renaissance traditions could not today buy their own paintings at auction. They are rare birds who produced truly unique and valuable work. Some of the greatest artists died in … Continue reading

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Looking for Love in All the Strange Places

We are molded in form and substance by microorganisms. PUBLISHED BY AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC                   Saturday’s tail LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE STRANGE PLACES Any reproductive benefit for the parasite or the host may be exaggerated over generations of natural … Continue reading

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“I could have been somebody.” Marlon Brando, On the Waterfront

AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC Anniversary: One hundred weekly blogs. Happy Independence Day, Del             On June 11, 2007, a story in the Austin American Statesman about 46-year old Randall “Randy” Zandatra caught my eye. Zandatra was finally jailed in December, … Continue reading

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The Final Theory of Psychopathy

Illustration based on Robert Hare’s Psychopathic Checklist   AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC           There are many possibilities for understanding abnormal disorders – as with psychopaths and other folks we know, but the distinguishing features of conduct disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), … Continue reading

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Be a Better Dyslexic: 4

        AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC A MATTER OF DEFINITION Within the past few days the board of trustees for the American Psychiatric Association will publish the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. There … Continue reading

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Be a Better Dyslexic: 3

Stroop Cognitive Test                                                                                                                             AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC   “Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.”    Oscar Wilde   Old wine in new bottles suggests that dyslexia and psychopathy may not be all that different. … Continue reading

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Be a Better Dyslexic: 2

Evil and Good                                           AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC Many dyslexics speak of their cognitive problems as a “gift.” And they may be, in the sense that dyslexia often imbues individuals with a cognitive slant on things that, if not wider than normal, … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters, We are United

]                                                           AGAVE PUBLISHERS LLC Bugler Louis Berg and his dog Hans 1834 – 1874 U.S. Military Academy, West Point   The shadows are lengthening for me. The twilight is here. My days of old have vanished, tone and tint. . … Continue reading

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Bath Salts and Boogeyman

        The New Majestic Hotel Huffington Post                                        Agave Publishers LLC Junk is the ideal product . . . the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy.           … Continue reading

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Deep Pathology of Our Genotype

Aztec Sacrifice                                                 AGAVE PUBLISHERS The Call for Blood           Years have passed since I met “Soman” in a karate dojo in Berkeley. Soman was a jungle tiger in a paved civilization – circa 200 pounds, starched-white ghi with an … Continue reading

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Art: Emergent Philosophy

Destruction: Thomas Cole   Agave Publishers I have lived forever, regretting much enjoying more –                               apologies worthless – believing in cycles of fate,                               still looking for hints of rebirth. Nature fills any void                               with its seasons of … Continue reading

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Mission Rebirth

      Astronomical findings that the universe is expanding at an ever-increasing rate are disappointing. The Big Bang creation of the universe signaled to us that the evil and good in our world might repeat as the expanding particles … Continue reading

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Sword & Shield

            Minds tend to separate in an interesting way. Some foam with revolution, believing that winners make history. Others linger with history and learn their lessons there. Surprisingly, both minds can carry the heavy luggage … Continue reading

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Silver Tongue, You Devil

Oratory styles are much like art and beauty: some forms are plain, proper, and pitiful, whereas others are electrifying, enlivening, and enchanting. The former may be informative but little remembered. The latter may lack information but evoke the strength of … Continue reading

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Cauldron of Psychopathic Spirit

  I have only ever made one prayer to God, a very short one: “Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.” And God granted it.   I snarl and smart at the variations of psychopathy, but there is a fascination, too, … Continue reading

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Agave Publishers FAST AND FURIOUS             You might agree that some collective behaviors are not desirable. Some are thuggish and give us examples of social induction of psychopathic behavior. We still can relate to the herd images of these behaviors … Continue reading

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Sensation-Seekers Offer No Apologies

    Tucked away on Fox News website is a story that shouts there is nothing more incredible than the truth. A group of Australian senior citizens suffering from Parkinson’s disease is launching a legal suit against drug companies Pfizer … Continue reading

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